President Baluchistan Shafi Muhmmad Lashari: University of Baluchistan, Quetta, Pakistan. Cell: +923342488810

General Secretary Baluchistan Syed Asmatullah, Executive District Office (Health), Noshki,Baluchistan,Pakistan. Cell No: 03138329424,

President Quetta Division Jamil Khan Achakzai Analyst, Public Food Laboratory, Government of Baluchistan,Quetta,Pakistan. 03218004052

General Secretary Queta Division Siddique Mohammad Hassani Drug Inspector, EDO Office, Kalat,Quetta,Baluchistan,Pakistan. 03003830692

President Kalat Division Dr. Ali Jan Pharmacist, EDO Health Office, Khuzdar,Baluchistan,Pakistan. 03337982003

General Secretary Kalat Division Ghulam Mustaf Shahwani Drug Inspector, EDO Health Office, Noshki,Baluchistan,Pakistan. 03448033545.

President Zhob Division Allah Mir Babar Pharmacist EDO Health Office, Government of Baluchistan, Zhob,Baluchistan,Pakistan. 03023837372

General Secretary Zhob Division Abdul Qadir Nasar Hospital Pharmacist,DHQHospital, Loralai,Baluchistan,Pakistan. 03016392850

President Nasee Abad Division Munir Ahmad Mengal Pharmacist EDO Health Office, Dera Murad Jamali,Baluchistan,Pakistan 03458985994

General Secretary Nasee Abad Division Abdul Jabar Magsi Hospital Pharmacist,DHQHospital, Gandawa Jhal Magsi,Baluchistan,Pakistan 03337508195

President Makran Division Eid Muhammad Baloch Pharmacist DHO Hospital, Panjgoor, 03327826021

General Secretary Makran Division Akram Baloch Drug Inspector,EDOOffice, Turbat,Baluchistan,Pakistan. 03218623973

President Sibbi Division Dr. Gul Alam Assistant Drug Controller, Government ofPakistan. 03003863695

General Secretary Sibbi Division Dr. Zulfiqar Marri EDOHealth Office, Kohlu, BaluchistanPakistan. 03342909979

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