Pharmacist Federation of Pakistan is the country wide respected voice of the innovative pharmacist, whose are renowned experts work with Government, regulators, academics, industrial and other pharmacy discipline to promote a receptive environment for a strong and progressive environment in Pakistan, capable of providing the best services to pharmacy community, patients and paramedics.

Pharmacist Federation of Pakistan is a powerful and respected force for positive change within the Pakistan. As the mechanism chosen by authorities to engage with public, it ensures that the pharmacist remains a leader in creating, valuing and accessing innovation. It does so by combining the talents of researchers, companies, patients, professionals and external experts to creatively tackle the barriers to innovation wherever they may be found.

our innovation is imperative and will focus on those areas of pharmacy where investment would create massive excellence in clinical research networks and patient database. The government has identified pharma as one of the key industry sectors it sees the future economy depending upon circumstances. We will be at the forefront of shaping that future. Building a country wide excellence in pharmacy discipline requires the lifeblood of highly trained graduates and experts, so the implementation of the skills will underpin the work for future in the Pakistan.

The trust imperative will create a new contract between pharmacist and society based on integrity, honesty, knowledge, appropriate behaviors, transparency, openness and trust. Trust in the profession is the key to creating an environment in which the access, value and innovation imperatives flourish. As the industry business model evolves from almost sole focus on the prescriber to include payer, politician and public then creating a new contract between the pharmacists and wider society becomes ever more crucial.

You may visit our professional periodical “pharmaceutical review” http://www.pharmarev.com for routine activities.

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