Message of the President

January 11, 2013

Dear Pharmacist,

 The Pharmacist Federation of Pakistan exists since 1989 with the name of “Pharmacist Forum”. Which was then converted into the “Pharmacist Federation of Pakistan” in 2009 and we have pooled our resources into presenting a unified front to the community on issues affecting pharmacy profession. Since that day, Federation has established a proud history of pharmacists working together to create an association for the betterment of profession. We encompass the entire breath of pharmaceutical sciences which also reflected in the range of our activities. We have broadened our horizon by extending the membership criteria; accepting the graduating pharmacists as “student members” and non-pharmacists as “affiliated and/ honorary members”. We also believe that being part of community we have to encourage the scholar, foster the issues and deliver the mission more effectively. As the role of the pharmacist has evolved and grown over the past 300 years, that need to unify stance on causes and raise the pharmacist’s profile. Therefore; we have designed our professional goals ( and focused the struggle to implement drug rules, enforce internationally recognized clinical system, update pharmaceutical services and publish trusted therapeutic informations. You can learn more about who we are? how can you get membership? and all about pharmacy in Pakistan by browsing the links and

 Pharmacist Federation of Pakistan is a powerful and respected voice for positive changes. It is a country wide respected assemblage of the innovative pharmacists. We assure the pharmacist as leader in creation, development and recognition. We provide a receptive environment to promote services, values and norms for mutual good understanding of community and patients. Furthermore; we support the pharmacists for professional advancement and skills enhancement. Through our activities, we provide tools, informations and guidance for quality health system. We also encourage the collaboration of profession with actual practice, intellectual activities and quality publications. We update our members through our prestigious profession journal “Pharmaceutical Review” (

 Come on! Join us! Get ready to contribute in noble causes! Login today and fill membership form at

 Looking forward.

Prof. Dr. Taha Nazir; President: Pharmacist Federation of Pakistan,,

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